Thursday, December 14, 2006

Coming Up For Air

I've spent about a month an a half in OZ.

Finally got a decent job working for Vodaphone, an Australian phone company, checking contracts all day long. Gotta come all the way to Australia to do a 9-5. At least it pays the bills. Two co-workers. One from Ireland--Paula MaCarthy; the other England--Thea Ward. On a positive note, where can I work side by side with an Irish and an English and have Aussies as bosses? I mean, we've got many colorful accents flying all over the office-- plus history 101 on Ireland's love for England, of which Paula holds Thea responsible.

Americans are a rarity in Melbourne. I'm the only "American" at work. I'm not even a real one, just a semi or a wannabe.

The other day I was on the train and yakking away with Alicia Fairfield, the only American friend I have in this city, and some guy on the train mistakened us for being Canadian? Alicia is as American as hot dogs on fourth of July (alhtough she's vegetarian), and I sound decently like a yank too, but we were mistaken for Canadians? That goes to show how Melbournians would rather prioritize you as Canadian over American even when you don't say 'eh' at the end of each sentence. It's either they don't like us or there are just too few of us around.

Melbourne's starting to grow on me. It's a cool city that has a little bit of everything within walking distance--Victorian architechture, modern buildings, awe-inspiring Gothic cathedrals, trains, trams, gelato, ice-cream crepes, Greeks, Asians in China town, Italians on Lygon Street, cafes and bars on Brunswick Street, the Crown Casino (mini Vegas) bustling with life all night, and one of the most romantic paths on South Bank by the Yarra River... The list goes on.


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